Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Found Objects: Kabuki Color

Imagine if you could package the art and intrigue of Kabuki theatre in
a mini bento box. Francois Nars, make-up maven and founder of Nars Cosmetics, has tried to do just that with the creation of his limited
edition "bento box." Captivated by Kabuki make-up, Nars brought home 
a small pot of Kabuki lip color from Japan as inspiration for a new
product that's been years in the making. There are run-of-the-mill lipsticks, and then there's this: two glorious, brightly colored lipsticks poured by hand into small cups that rest in a little black box (special lip brush included). Ideal for the lover of theatre, make-up, or anything beautiful, really.

Note: The race is to the swift.  Only 1,000 sets will be sold in the United States, available beginning November 1.

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