Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Curiosities: Claudia Hapeman Masks

With Halloween around the bend, these beautiful Venetian-inspired masks would be a breath of fresh air amidst all the tired witches, goblins, and sexy nurses/cats/barmaids. Each mask is created with quality materials (think Swarovski crystals and gold leaf) by renowned artist Claudia Hapeman. I love her extravagant use of lush feathers and sequins, which makes each piece an impressive piece of art. After Halloween, prop up your mask on a bookshelf or a bedroom vanity to add a dramatic flair to your room.

(photos via socaldesignco.com)


  1. If only I could afford one but it gives me some ideas for this hallowen.

  2. I love wearing the Halloween masks. I have tried the scary and funny masks many times in Halloweens. But this time I have to go to a Friday party, So I want a different mask to wear. This Claudia Hapeman Masks is perfect for me. Thank you.