Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eatables: Leaf Pie Nirvana

It IS possible to taste heaven. If your tastes run to the simple but well-made, then the "West Leaf Pie" is for you. Is it a pie? No. It's just the best part of a pie (for me, at least): layered, leaf-shaped pastry that's a dream of what the airiest pie crust would taste like if it came lightly showered with sugar granules. Ahhh!!! I once ate 6 pieces in one sitting. And even though my stomach mildly rebelled against so much buttery pastry, I could barely restrain my hands from reaching for piece #7. Sold at Takashimaya, a little jewel of a Japanese department store located in Midtown New York City, the "Leaf Pie" is the best part of the afternoon tea service provided in the Takashimaya "Teabox Restaurant." And like so many beloved things at Takashimaya, it's still a little-known secret of sorts.

(photo via Takashimaya)

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