Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prêt-à-Porter: The Bigger, the Tougher, the Better

For years, costume jewelry has tended towards the extravagant. Remember a couple of years back, when brooches were all the rage? Huge suckers, plastered with kick-ass imitation gems and faux gold touches. I don't think big, statement jewelry has ever gone away. But now it seems to be bigger than ever, and with a tougher, street-influenced vibe (as though daring us to denounce its wearer for showiness). It's a little hard to imagine who--besides the 20-something rocker-chic set--might be able to work this look into their typical ensemble. But the prospect of seeing young office professionals and stay-at-home moms give it a try makes me a little giddy with excitement. (Street) fashion for all!

(top grouping/left to right: earrings by Fallon and a choker by Bottega Veneta
bottom grouping / left to right: necklace by Bottega Veneta and a necklace by Burberry)

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