Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prêt-à-Porter: Cozy Architecture for the Body

Fall's officially here, and it's almost time to break out all the cozy sweaters that we've put away since springtime! Feels sort of painful, though, to see the bright cheerful colors of summer replaced by drab greys, browns and blacks. Not only that, but it always seems like cool-weather clothing mopes about in the same basic shapes: you've got your crewneck, your turtleneck, your cardigan, your heavier cardigan, and on and on. If it weren't for one beacon of creativity in all this monotony, it'd be easy to sink into sweatery ubiquity. That beacon is Tom Scott. A knitter and crocheter since he was a small tyke, Scott invents the most interesting draped and architectural shapes in knitwear I've ever seen—and it's all extremely wearable (and uplifting). If you can imagine it, he's likely done it. The materials he uses are exquisitely soft and fine, so you'll pay a pretty penny. But if you're willing to save up for it, owning a beautiful and rare piece of knit artwear that you'll reach for time and again, and supporting the artistic efforts of independent-minded small designers, is worth the investment.

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