Friday, September 11, 2009

Prêt-à-Porter: Runway Fashion

Being a stewardess used to have some cachet and it showed in the uniforms designed for them. Whether it be the beautiful (or sometimes zany) textiles or stylish shapes, there used to be a fashionable risk-taking involved that was inspired by a new form of transportation. Balenciaga's recent uniform designs for Air Tahiti Nui raised a bit of a furor initially, but the end result was a little bland and disappointing. In any case, if you want to live out the glory days of airline fashion, pop over to and check out the hundreds upon hundreds of uniforms lovingly collected and catalogued on this website.

(left to right: United Airlines/USA, Allegheny Airlines/USA, Delta Airlines/USA)

Air Alps/Austria

(clockwise from left: Egytair / Egypt, Allegheny Airlines/ USA,
Privitair / Switzerland, CSA Czech Airlines / Czech Republic)

(All individual photos via


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