Friday, September 18, 2009

Beautiful Bargains: Eco-Friendly Office Chairs

It's hard to find a nice looking, reasonably-priced task chair that doesn't scream boring (or designer knock off). I'm not a big fan of black in a home office setting, since it's such a dominating YOU-ARE-WORKING sort of color. Luckily, there are some good options now that are easy on the eyes, the environment, and your wallet. Setu ($579), the newest addition to the Herman Miller line, comes in a light graphite (and other colors) and is definitely my top choice in terms of aesthetics. If you're looking for a pop of primary color, look toward Steelcase's Uno, now on sale for $309. I also noticed that Herman Miller has invaded...Costco! The Caper chair can be found there for $329 (membership required, of course).

(clockwise starting from top: Setu, Caper, Uno)


  1. I love those chairs! I had no idea they were eco-friendly! I knew the Aeron was, when I bought it online at this site they had mentioned it was recyclable any everything. Not to mention one the most comfortable chair I've EVER sat it in.

  2. Being eco-friendly is not just a statement, it is the act of showing how much we value our natural resources. At home or at work, we can do our part by supporting 'green' products and by also trying to shred or recycle as much as we can to minimize wastage.

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